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Introducing a New Tea Product: Nitro Teas

This year has been one of creation for us- and this new line of products has us really excited! We took one of our favorite tea blends, Strawberry Sencha and infused it with nitrogen for a really smooth and refreshing brew. Counter intuitive to other drinks in cans, these teas need to be shook up before opening- to allow for the nitrogen to disperse thru the liquid as it's poured into a glass. The nitrogen creates a thicker viscosity of liquid so these these lightly sweetened teas really quench thirst.

Other perks of this new tea line:

-Vegan & Non GMO Ingredients

-Made with Real Fruit & Tea

-Lightly Sweetened with Cane Sugar

-Shelf Stable 12 oz Can

 Our current line of flavors are: Strawberry Sencha (caffeinated), Tropical Coconut (caffeinated) & Peach Rooibos (noncaffeinated)


Available in 4pk & 12pk online, in some local cafes and individually in the tea shops.

Coming soon to grocery stores! Contact us if you'd like us to hook up your fav store/cafe/food truck with some samples!

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