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Herbals, Rooibos and Apothecary Blends

Updated: Jun 23

We have an herbal blend for every ailment, need, and desire!

Herbal, Apothecary and Rooibos blends are designed to help with specific issues; whether your head is killing you, sleep won't come, or you just want a tasty cup of tea

Begin by bringing sixteen ounces of water to a boil, 212 °F. While your water heats, measure 2 tablespoons of loose tea (per serving) into a teapot, tea bag, or infuser. Once the water is ready, pour it over your tea and allow the leaves to steep for roughly 5-6 minutes, adjusting to taste.

Discard your used leaves, add any sweeteners, cream, or non-dairy alternatives you'd like, and enjoy!

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